What You Should Know

Whenever we meet shop owners and technicians at an automotive conference we find that several of them are surprised to lean that tuners and oversized tires can and do quite often damage transmissions, especially when used in combination. If these items are installed, changes and upgradeswill need to be made elsewhere on the  vehicle to prevent recurring damage to the transmission. At Transmission Exchange Center you will find that we try very hard to arm you with information inorder to educate your customers of any  mpending dangers that can cause a transmission to continue to fail  prematurely at the time of ordering. When you speak with one of our specialists concerning high performance applications, gas or diesel trucks, more precisely with delete tuning. We will collectinformation  about Transmission and Engine Tuning, Tire Height, Differential Gear Ratio, Towingcapacities and quite possibly engine performance codes.


With this information you will now be able to help your customer solve repair issues others may not have been capable of. You will know what transmission will be needed for the customers application. You will be able to inform the customer how the vehicle needs to be set up in order for them to avoid future premature transmission failure and enjoy trouble free driving.