Our Vendors

Get to know our vendors!

Developing a meaningful partnership with a company is a slow process, it takes time and patience to develop the correct relationship that will be beneficial for all parties concerned including the customer. We have performed our due diligence and are pleased to bring you the best of the best for you and your customers transmission needs. We hope you become as impressed as we are and hope to do business with you soon.

TD Reman is a unique transmission remanufacturing company. The people at TD Reman wanted to be the best, they picked what they knew best and became the best at it, the Nissan CVT Transmission. For 3 years they built, tested, and perfected their recipe for what they feel is the best Remanufactured Nissan CVT Transmission in the industry. In October of 2023 they took their Remanufactured Nissan CVT Transmissions to the ATRA EXPO for the first time to introduce their perfected product and find a distributor. After extensive conversations and multiple questions with TD Reman, we were convinced. We are excited and honored that TD Reman has picked Transmission Exchange Center of Oklahoma to be the distributor that brings their Remanufactured Nissan CVT Transmissions to market. You have tried the rest, now try the best. Call us for all the exciting details and 3 warranty options on these great transmissions.

H&A Transmissions is Our Honda / Acura transmission vendor, they are no stranger to the industry with over 30 years of Honda and Acura transmission experience they are the best of the best. Nobody remanufactures a Honda or Acura transmission better; every unit is remanufactured by an individual builder they do not use an assembly line of people. Every builder knows for themselves exactly what needs to go into each unit to make it the best and is held accountable for it. These builders have several years of building only Honda and Acura transmissions and they are the best at it. So, if you want the best, most dependable remanufactured Honda or Acura transmission for your customer you are looking in the right place; Trust us.

Certified Transmissions is our all around transmission vendor, they have perfected the art of remanufacturing transmissions for almost any type of vehicle. They have 40 years of experience in remanufacturing transmissions. Certified transmissions don’t just remanufacture transmissions they make them better by correcting longevity issues the unit originally had. This is done in their state of the art machine shop along with the help of the in house research and development department. Certified transmissions also use individual builders when remanufacturing their transmissions not an assembly line of people. So, if you are looking for any type of domestic or import remanufactured transmission look no further because they are one of the very best and we only work with the best; Trust us.

Roadmaster Powertrain if you are looking for a Chevrolet, Ford, or Dodge Truck, from a F150 to F550 or 1500 to 5500 this is our company of choice. Even their stock truck transmissions are built better than the manufactured units the vehicles came with. They also offer a RM 1,2, and 3 series for all around heavy duty and extreme duty horsepower, torque,and towing use. But all this being said, their forte is the high end units found in the Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW, and Volvo, they welcome these units with open arms when others rather push them away. With over 30 years of experience in remanufacturing transmissions along with individual builders instead of an assembly line system, it makes perfect sence for them to be on our team.