Tuners are not to be taken lightly, especially in diesels.

  • Delete tunes with no more than 50 horsepower do not seem to pose a threat to the transmission. These tunes are installed to prevent the use of the DEF system. We are not saying we approve of them but never the less we are having to contend with them.

  • Delete tunes with 75 horsepower and more have a potential to cause transmission damage while towing heavier loads. With common sense driving habits, tuners on a vehicle that is not used for continuous towing purposes do not seem to pose much of a threat to the transmission. However, an upgraded transmission is recommended when increasing to this type of horsepower. Horsepower and Towing are never a good combination.

  • Tunes with high horsepower and towing will always prematurely damage the transmission. This is why responsible heavy load hotshot drivers keep their tunes on stock or very low horsepower when towing.

  • Transmission tunes found in the TCM; Transmission Control Module are a potential hazards to the transmission unless the transmission is used for racing only. Transmission tunes do not belong on an everyday use vehicle, especially if used for towing. Tuners with additional horsepower are designed to make vehicles go faster in a shorter amount of time, not for towing. If a customer wants the best possible life out of their vehicles transmission, a horsepower tune is not the way to go.