Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

You and your customers need to be protected.

  • You need the very best nationwide warranty.

  • You need an extended warranty that protects the transmission much longer than 12

  • You need a warranty that will cover 100% of the parts and labor as long as the warranty
    is in force.

  • You need a transmission that has been dyno tested and certified before shipping.

  • You need a transmission that includes the proper type of fluid with the transmission.

  • You need a friendly and responsive tech support team with the right answers to your
    questions before and after the installation.

  • You need a support team to help educate you on the issues caused by Oversized Tires,
    Tuners, Horsepower and Towing.

We provide you with all of this. You are at the right place.

At the Transmission Exchange Center, we supply the very best in remanufactured transmissions. We make sure you receive the best warranty, quality, support, and service you expect, so you can focus on what matters most, your business and your customer.